Ms. Pumps at the Team Captain’s Kickoff!

Hello World! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, as my weekend was full of fun!

On Saturday, I trained for the Share NJ 5K on June 10th. I met with some friends (Karol the Kidney, Vinny Veins and Larry the Lungs).  We went jogging around my favorite town, New Providence. I love training, but I do love shopping more! Saturday night, I went to buy accessories for National Blue and Green Day on April 20th! I bought blue and green leg warmers and a great headband! I am excited to rock blue and green on April 20th for organ and tissue donation. I will post a picture on Donate Life NJ and Donate Life America Facebook pages on April 20th, in hope to win some cool prizes! If you have questions about National Blue and Green Day, email my NJ Sharing Network friends at!

Sunday was an even better day! The Share NJ 5K team captains gathered at Forrest Lodge in Warren, NJ. It was a great day for everyone to meet me, I felt so loved :)! We were welcomed by NJ Sharing Network’s President and CEO, Joe Roth and Elisse Glennon, Executive Director of the NJ Sharing Network Foundation. Next, chairwoman of the NJ Sharing Network Foundation Board, Donna Albanese rallied the audience and introduced our speakers for the day! Donna is the team captain for TEAM DQ, as she owns a Dairy Queen in Plainfield! In case you were wondering, I love ice cream with red sprinkles!!

 Denise Peoples was the first to tell her personal story; she made me laugh and cry at the same time! Denise shared she is a double lung transplant recipient and is extremely grateful for the gift of life she has been given! Denise appears in the inaugural Share NJ 5K video, check it out: . Next Suzann Rizzo, a donor mother and member of the Foundation Board, expressed how organ donation is close to her heart, as her son was an organ donor, saving the lives of several people.  Suzann shared helpful tips on being a successful fundraiser, I made sure to take great notes! Suzann was the overall top fundraiser for the inaugural Share NJ 5K! Last but surely not least, Dan Sarnowski, a team member of Betsy’s Dash in loving memory of organ donor Betsy, spoke about the love of his life and why he is driven to raise funds and recruit team members for the Share NJ 5K. Dan talked about everyone being a part of a “club”. Walking away from the event, I realized I am so lucky to be in this club. This club represents and remembers those who gave, honors those who received, and offers hope to those who continue to wait for the Gift of Life.

To sign up for the Share NJ 5K on June 10, 2012 visit! Also, follow my NJ Sharing Network friends on Facebook (NJ Sharing Network) and on twitter (@NJSharing). Post and tweet them saying Ms. Pumps sent you!

Tip of the day: Spread the word about National Blue and Green Day on April 20th! Gather with family and friends to take a picture then post it on Donate Life NJ and Donate Life America’s Facebook. You may win a cool prize!!

Until next time,

XOXOX Ms. Pumps!

Hello World! Ms. Pumps is Here!

Hi Everyone. My name is Ms. Pumps! I am NJ Sharing Network’s heart mascot. NJ Sharing Network is a non-profit, federally designated organization responsible for the recovery and placement of donated organs and tissue for the nearly 5,000 New Jersey residents in need of life-saving transplants. 

Well, let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Ms. Pumps. I was born on February 14th, Valentine’s Day and Donor Day! I am currently 25 years old, which fits perfectly because NJ Sharing Network is celebrating 25 years of saving lives through organ and tissue donation! I am a Jersey girl with a lot of heart! My favorite colors are green and blue not only because they are NJ Sharing Network’s colors but because they look good on me!

I decided to start a blog because I’m so THRILLED about events coming up! April is National Donate Life Month and we are ready to CELEBRATE!

First off, let’s talk fashion! National Donate Life Blue and Green Day is coming up April 20th. Since blue and green are my favorite colors, this is right up my alley!! NJ Sharing Network is asking NJ residents to wear blue and green on April 20th in support of organ and tissue donation! I am sorry; I can’t tell you what I am going to wear. It’s a BIG surprise. I can’t wait to submit a picture and hopefully see it on NJ Sharing Network and Donate Life America’s Facebook pages. If you are interested in participating or have any questions, you can e-mail my NJ Sharing Network friends at  

Another fabulous event is the 2nd Annual Share NJ 5K Walk/Run on June 10th at NJ Sharing Network in New Providence, NJ. For the second year in a row  transplant recipients, donor families, hospital professionals and corporate partners will come together as we remember those who gave, honor those who received, and offer hope to those who continue to wait…for the gift of life. You can sign up TODAY at! If you have questions, please e-mail I started training today and boy was my heart pumping. I walked two miles around my favorite New Jersey town, New Providence! Do you want to know what really motivated me? The weather! Ms. Pumps never turns down a tanning opportunity!

Well, that’s it for now! I hope to see you wearing blue and green for National Donate Life Blue and Green Day on April 20th!

Ms. Pumps Tip of the Day: Sign up for the Share NJ 5K Walk/Run on June 10th, 2012 at


Ms. Pumps.

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