Hello World! Ms. Pumps is Here!

Hi Everyone. My name is Ms. Pumps! I am NJ Sharing Network’s heart mascot. NJ Sharing Network is a non-profit, federally designated organization responsible for the recovery and placement of donated organs and tissue for the nearly 5,000 New Jersey residents in need of life-saving transplants. 

Well, let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Ms. Pumps. I was born on February 14th, Valentine’s Day and Donor Day! I am currently 25 years old, which fits perfectly because NJ Sharing Network is celebrating 25 years of saving lives through organ and tissue donation! I am a Jersey girl with a lot of heart! My favorite colors are green and blue not only because they are NJ Sharing Network’s colors but because they look good on me!

I decided to start a blog because I’m so THRILLED about events coming up! April is National Donate Life Month and we are ready to CELEBRATE!

First off, let’s talk fashion! National Donate Life Blue and Green Day is coming up April 20th. Since blue and green are my favorite colors, this is right up my alley!! NJ Sharing Network is asking NJ residents to wear blue and green on April 20th in support of organ and tissue donation! I am sorry; I can’t tell you what I am going to wear. It’s a BIG surprise. I can’t wait to submit a picture and hopefully see it on NJ Sharing Network and Donate Life America’s Facebook pages. If you are interested in participating or have any questions, you can e-mail my NJ Sharing Network friends at info@ShareNJ.org.  

Another fabulous event is the 2nd Annual Share NJ 5K Walk/Run on June 10th at NJ Sharing Network in New Providence, NJ. For the second year in a row  transplant recipients, donor families, hospital professionals and corporate partners will come together as we remember those who gave, honor those who received, and offer hope to those who continue to wait…for the gift of life. You can sign up TODAY at www.ShareNJ5k.org! If you have questions, please e-mail info@ShareNJ.org. I started training today and boy was my heart pumping. I walked two miles around my favorite New Jersey town, New Providence! Do you want to know what really motivated me? The weather! Ms. Pumps never turns down a tanning opportunity!

Well, that’s it for now! I hope to see you wearing blue and green for National Donate Life Blue and Green Day on April 20th!

Ms. Pumps Tip of the Day: Sign up for the Share NJ 5K Walk/Run on June 10th, 2012 at www.ShareNJ5k.org


Ms. Pumps.

P.S – Follow us on Facebook at NJ Sharing Network and on twitter @NJSharing. Tell them Ms. Pumps sent you 🙂


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