Sign up for the Share NJ 5K!


It is a MARVELOUS Monday!  Ms. Pumps is back in the building.

HAPPY NATIONAL DONATE LIFE MONTH! I have been so busy with National Donate Life Month; I have neglected my number one fans!  So let’s talk…

Last week, I hung out with my favorite friends at NJ Sharing Network.  We ran the 5K route twice last week!  While I was running the race route, I stopped and invited some neighbors to participate in the Share NJ 5K Walk/Run!  I have noticed people cannot say no to my gorgeous face!

Last week was fun but this week means business!! I plan to contact my mayor for a proclamation to announce my participation in the Share NJ 5K Walk/Run. I am running to remember those who gave, honor those who received, and offer hope to those who continue to wait…for the Gift of Life! I have invited Penny the Pancreas, Cornea Cindy and Larry the Lungs to join me, they are so excited to be involved!  Additionally, I plan to spread the word throughout Union County! I will travel to businesses and ask if they will hang up Share NJ 5K Walk/Run posters! You should do the same, the more the merrier!! 

I am also getting ready for National Blue and Green Day April 20th! I have so much blue and green BLING! What are you going to wear on April 20th for National Blue and Green Day? Tweet @NJSharing to share with me and NJ Sharing Network how you plan to participate!


Ms. Pumps!

P.S. – Like our NJ Sharing Network Facebook Page!! Tell them Ms. Pumps sent you.

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