Anyone Need Some Motivation? Ms. Pumps to the Rescue!

Hello My Friends! This week I had a lack of motivation. It is hard for me to admit but hey it happens sometimes, what can you do? I found some helpful tips from my second cousin twice removed, Larry the Liver and my dad, Henry the Heart.

It is important to remind yourself of the health benefits! Every morning this week, I will look in the mirror at my beautiful face and say “Running is tough, but running is worth it!” Will you join me? C’mon just try it! Also, we can remind ourselves what we are running for! We are running to remember, to honor, and to hope. We are running for a reason! Let’s encourage ourselves, our family, and our friends to run with us!

One more thing before I go! It is important to reward yourself! You all are working hard to promote the life-saving mission of saving lives through organ and tissue donation. I salute you! Have some chocolate!

My helpful hint of the day: If you have not signed up for the 5K, please visit!

I have also decided to add a quote to all my blog posts! Today’s quote is: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Walt Disney

Until Next Time,


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