Why does Ms. Pumps Run in the Share NJ 5K?

Last year Team Kevin Gilbert was the 1st place fundraising team, collecting over $17,000 in donations for the NJ Sharing Network.

My friends at NJ Sharing Network asked me “Ms. Pumps, why do you participate in the Share NJ 5K?” I answered, “I participate for many reasons!”

I run for the over 110,000 people in this country who desperately need a transplant. I run to offer them hope.

I run for the 18 people that die each day while waiting for a transplant.

I run for the 143 individuals in 2011 who selflessly and generously donated their organs in New Jersey so others could live.

 I run for all donor families who miss their loved one’s every day.

I run for all organ and tissue donors who are the true heroes.

I run for the tens of thousands in need of donated corneas to restore sight, bone and other tissue to repair injured or diseased bones/joints, skin to heal burns, and heart valves to replace diseased valves.

 I run for living donors – their courage and selflessness amazes me!

I run for volunteers, board members, community partners, corporate sponsors who dedicate their time and energy to help save more lives through organ and tissue donation.

My question to all my readers, “Why are you participating in the Share NJ 5K?” Facebook NJ Sharing Network or tweet @NJSharing and tell us why you participate! You may see your testimonial in the next 5K e-mail!


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