3 Days Until the Share NJ 5K Walk/Run!

Share NJ 5K Walk/Run Reminders from Ms. Pumps!

Only 3 days away! This is so exciting! Z100’s Greg T and KTU’s Matt Bosso are going to try to beat me in the run! I will not let that happen, so this final week I will be training every day twice a day!! Also, this week I will be getting my outfit for the Share NJ 5K! I will be getting everything blue and green to match NJ Sharing Network’s color scheme.

There have been many questions about parking!  I got the 411 from my friends at NJ Sharing Network!

  • Parking will be available at neighboring parking lots. CR Bard, 730 Central Ave. will have ample room and volunteers will direct you to parking lots when you arrive.
  • Handicapped parking is at 675 Central Avenue.
  • Please try to carpool when at all possible.

It is crunch time! Send updates on social media sites about your progress and encourage friends to donate and/or join your team. Post to http://www.facebook.com/njsharingnetwork and tweet us @NJsharing. Remember fundraising remains open until July 31st!




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