Calling all 2013 5K Team Captains!!

Save the Date – on Saturday, March 16th, NJ Sharing Network is hosting their 2nd Annual 5K Team Captains Kickoff! This is an event that you cannot miss, especially if you are a new team captain this year. All team captains will receive important information about the 5K Walk/Race, a packet containing resources for your team-building and fundraising and most importantly, you will be able to meet the wonderful NJ Sharing Network staff and share tips and ideas with other team captains! Oh, and as an added bonus…you’ll get to meet me! 🙂

This is an invitation-only event, so if you want to come and join the fun, make sure you create and register your team at by March 16th! Hope to see you all there!

Here I am welcoming my friends Lisa and Steve Meyers at last year's Team Captains Kickoff!

Here I am welcoming my friends Lisa and Steve Meyers at last year’s Team Captains Kickoff!

Heart-healthy tip of the day: If you work behind a desk most of the day, get up and walk around for at least 5 minutes every hour. Sitting for an extended period of time can ultimately bring about health concerns such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease. I love to visit my friends and co-workers in different departments. Gives me a chance to catch up and I get to take a break from the computer!

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