“When all else fails, generosity always wins. You can never lose with generosity.” –Jay Arisso Jr.

You’re probably saying to yourself,  “Things have taken a wrong turn when Jay is quoting himself.” I promise I won’t do this a lot, but I had to use this quote because it really impacted me when I heard myself say it. At the core of all we do, is the powerful principle of generosity. We have talked a lot about this throughout the organization in these last few months. From the power that generosity gives our NJSN Foundation to fund amazing programs, trainings, outreach and community education, to the everyday miracle that we are allowed to be a part of when we witness the generosity of families which open their hearts to give to those in need in the midst of their pain. From the power of generosity from our external affairs team which work hard to spread the word of donation to all those who give the needed support to make that happen. We live in the middle of generosity. Yes, it’s our job to do this, but when talking to many throughout our organization, there is one common factor: We don’t look at our job as our job, we look at it as our mission. It’s both amazing and humbling to be able to live a mission that literally changes lives and literally changes the world, one family at a time. What is done here at NJSN has a direct impact on someone’s life. That is such a huge honor and responsibility.

In an odd way, giving actually fills us. Emptying our cup, fills our cup. It feels good to help someone in need. So as you give your all when supporting and approaching a family, managing a donor, talking to a CEO at a hospital or working with a difficult physician that doesn’t really get what we do, remember this: “When all else fails, generosity always wins. You can never lose with generosity.” It’s not perfect all the time. It’s not easy all the time. But at the end, it’s always rewarding.

Be encouraged,





Jay Arisso Jr., BSB, CGRS

Manager of Family Services at NJ Sharing Network
Jay is Senior Pastor of La Iglesia Church in Elizabeth, NJ and oversees NJ Sharing Network’s aftercare program. 

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