Up Close

“You can impress people at a distance, but you can impact them only up close.”-Howard Hendricks

Most of us work with people. I know, you must be saying, “Jay, please be a bit more deeper than that today.” Just think about it for a minute. We work with people. Not robots, not machines. People. People are not perfect. Just like you and I, they can be annoying, but they are not perfect. They make mistakes. So how can you influence someone and guide them in your day to day work or life? Can you do it from a distance? Not getting too close, just instructing from afar? Obviously, after reading the quote above you know the answer. You can only impact them up close.

 Is there someone in your life that you know you can help, influence, or guide, but you just haven’t been able to have a breakthrough with them? Maybe you are too far away. Maybe, just maybe, by you getting a bit closer, reaching out and offering your helping hand, you can be the biggest influence in that person’s life. It could be that your decision to look past the persons imperfections could result in lifting up someone that could be a shining star. When that happens, you have just contributed to the bigger picture of life.

Be encouraged,



Jay Arisso Jr., BSB, CGRS

Manager fo Family Services at NJ Sharing Network

Jay oversees NJ Sharing Network’s Family Services department and is Senior Pastor of La Iglesia de Hoy Church in Elizabeth, NJ.

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