Together we have raised over $347,000! Let’s exceed our goal of $625,000! We can do it!

Anyone enjoy listening to morning radio shows? I do! On June 10th, Z100’s morning show radio personality Greg T and KTU’s Matt Bosso will be at the Share NJ 5K! They are excited to interact with all of you and most importantly remember those who gave, honor those who received, and offer hope to those who continue to wait…for the gift of life.

As of today at 8:20am, there are 229 teams and 2,373 participants registered in the Share NJ 5K Walk/Run!  I have been out and about training! My goal is to out-run KTU’s Matt Bosso and Z100’s Greg T! Do you think I can do it? Well, I am going to try my best!

Have you created your own t-shirt for the Share NJ 5K? T-shirts are a great way to unify your team and show off your team name! AKA Incorporated Special-Tees will donate 15% back to the Share NJ 5K! Visit to get started! Contact 908-219-4587 or for more information!

Check out some great t-shirts from last year:


You all continue to inspire me! I encourage everyone to tell us why you are participating in the Share NJ 5K! You can tweet @NJSharing or write on NJ Sharing Network’s Facebook wall!


Ms. Pumps

18 Days Away from the Share NJ 5K!

With 18 days to the big day, we have raised over $315,000. I believe we can do better!!! Let’s exceed our fundraising goal of $625,000. The money we raise allows NJ Sharing Network Foundation to support and promote the gift of life through organ and tissue donation. Together, we are making a difference!

Shout out to our top five fundraisers!

1. Cindy Boyea

2. Phyllis Caputo

3. Alyssa D’Addio

4. Randi Geffner

5. Max Prince

Everyone is doing a great job! Let’s all make a promise to step it up these next 18 days! We can do it!

I wanted to share a Facebook post from Alyson Angstreich of Pop-Pop’s team! She posted on NJ Sharing Network Facebook wall:

“Pop-pop’s team walks and runs in memory of Stephen Coopersmith (Pop-pop) who waited on the heart transplant list and received a heart from a hero in August 2010. We also walk/ run to honor a member of our team, Dr. Ed Gold, who donated his kidney to his wonderful, healthy daughter Marissa. But most importantly, we walk/ run to raise awareness for the need for organ donors in hopes that we will see a day when no person will have to go through the pain of waiting for agonizing amounts of time on a transplant list.”

Thank you Pop-Pop’s team for sharing this wonderful message of why you are running and walking. I encourage everyone to post on NJ Sharing Network facebook and @NJSharing twitter and share why your team runs and/or walks. Your stories are powerful and continue to inspire me everyday! Your stories are the reason I run, the reason I fundraise, and the reason I am passionate about this mission! THANK YOU!

If you have not signed up for the Share NJ 5K Walk/Run, please visit today!

XOXO Ms. Pumps!




Why does Ms. Pumps Run in the Share NJ 5K?

Last year Team Kevin Gilbert was the 1st place fundraising team, collecting over $17,000 in donations for the NJ Sharing Network.

My friends at NJ Sharing Network asked me “Ms. Pumps, why do you participate in the Share NJ 5K?” I answered, “I participate for many reasons!”

I run for the over 110,000 people in this country who desperately need a transplant. I run to offer them hope.

I run for the 18 people that die each day while waiting for a transplant.

I run for the 143 individuals in 2011 who selflessly and generously donated their organs in New Jersey so others could live.

 I run for all donor families who miss their loved one’s every day.

I run for all organ and tissue donors who are the true heroes.

I run for the tens of thousands in need of donated corneas to restore sight, bone and other tissue to repair injured or diseased bones/joints, skin to heal burns, and heart valves to replace diseased valves.

 I run for living donors – their courage and selflessness amazes me!

I run for volunteers, board members, community partners, corporate sponsors who dedicate their time and energy to help save more lives through organ and tissue donation.

My question to all my readers, “Why are you participating in the Share NJ 5K?” Facebook NJ Sharing Network or tweet @NJSharing and tell us why you participate! You may see your testimonial in the next 5K e-mail!


Share NJ 5K is 5 Weeks Away!

Hello my friends!

A quote for today:

“I have not experienced a crowd like this outside of Central Park and I have run 5Ks every weekend in NJ for the last 12 months!” – Marla Bace

The big day is approaching! I am so excited to see all of you June 10th, 2012 at the Share NJ 5K Walk/Run! If you have not signed up yet, visit! I don’t want you to miss out!

As of yesterday, May 7th, there were 1,382 registered participants and 187 teams! Together, we have raised $228,000! Our goal is $625,000 and I believe we can exceed it!

A shout out to our top five fundraisers!!

  1. Cindy Boyea of Team FCC
  2. Phyllis Caputo of Team DQ
  3. Alyssa D’Addio of Team Just Do it in Celebration of Joe D’Addio
  4. Roy Larsen od Team 3 Musketeers
  5. Lisa Plona of Team Robert Cameron Plona (RCP)

Everyone keep up the great work! You all continue to inspire me everyday!

Hint of the day: Check out the Share NJ 5K Course Map! (you can start practicing!)